Performance time: 6.00pm - 7.45pm
18 Nov - Ang Mo Kio Central Stage
24 Nov - 888 Plaza
Rama & Sita is an epic love story re-enacted through fluid Bharatanatyam dance and movement, with a combination of storytelling and dramatisation to traditional Indian music.

Badang, The Strong Man is a legendary folk tale from Temasek (old Singapore), about the hero Badang as he struggles with being born thin and weak. It will be performed to traditional Malay music with a mix of storytelling, dramatisation, movement and dance.

This performance was first commissioned by the National Arts Council as a Traditional Arts taster programme for pre-schools.

ACT 3 International was set up in 1994 to touch the lives of the young through the arts. Today, it works on a variety of arts-based initiatives that have transcended theatre and moved into aspects where the arts is juxtaposed with the environment, heritage and culture.

Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, established in 1952, has a uniquely evolving style of Indian performing arts reflective of the Singapore spirit, with its multiculturalism rooted in traditional techniques and philosophy, as seen through their works for local and international audiences.

Era Dance Theatre (EDT) was formerly a Malay Dance group formed in 1992. Stretching the boundaries of the Malay dance scene in Singapore, EDT brings a unique quality of Malay dance that combines traditional, contemporary and new creative Malay dance to its audiences.