Tour / Trail
Pasir Ris (see below)
11-Mar-2021 - 11-Apr-2021 at 00:00 - 23:55

The Story Of A Place Is In Its Name

Curated by Stacy Huang & Susanna Tan
Installations by Jamie Teo, Divaagar, Ernest Goh, Henry Lee, Perception3 (Regina De Rozario & Seah Sze Yunn)

Date: 11 Mar - 11 Apr 2021

  • Coffee Express Kopitiam (Blk 443 Pasir Ris Drive 6)
  • Blk 130 Pasir Ris Street 11 (Sheltered walkway)
  • Blk 141 Pasir Ris Street 11 (Void Deck)
  • Blk 144/145 Pasir Ris Street 11 (Void Deck)
  • Downtown East (Wall along ramp outside taxi stand)
    Downtown East (Hoarding shopfront inside E!Avenue, beside KFC)

This story, like so many stories, begins with a gift. That gift, like so many gifts, was a name, "Pasir Ris", which means "white sand". Go on a journey with Singaporean artists/artist-duo and discover new chapters of Pasir Ris through their eyes.

Presented as a visual arts walking trail, experience Pasir Ris through a spectrum of colours inspired by the sea, geometric patterns made up of the flora and fauna of Pasir Ris, a decorative and romance inspired take-over of a void deck, a "walk" into sketch notes from the field and the discovery of forgotten names of places that existed in Pasir Ris.

Join us onsite and online for 3 weeks of arts-filled fun in Pasir Ris Town!

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Jamie Teo
meticulously blends colours to create and investigate movement. Her paintings embody a sense of tension with unique, impulsive textured brush strokes evoking a visual interaction between the viewer and the work.

Divaagar is an interdisciplinary artist who works with installation, performance, and digital media, and has exhibited both locally and internationally since 2010.

Ernest Goh is the founder of Ayer Ayer, an ecologically-engaged art project that reaches out to communities through visual, experiential and participatory artworks in art and science. His work has been published in various books, as well as commissioned by and installed at museums.

Henry Lee's works revolve around manipulating text and images into fantastical worlds that mirror and subvert our reality. He has participated in various exhibitions across different platforms.

Perception3 was founded in 2007 by Regina De Rozario and Seah Sze Yunn. Their collaborative practice explores the notions of loss and memory surfaced through the rapid transformation of city spaces. Their works are expressed primarily through text, photography, digital video, and site-specific installation, and have been showcased locally and abroad.