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14-Nov-2021 - 31-Dec-2021 at 11:00 - 23:55
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14 Nov - 31 Dec

Curious about past editions of AYN, but weren’t able to catch the live or digital performances? Here’s your second chance! From 14 Nov – 31 Dec 2021, enjoy 9 online music, dance, and theatre performances inspired by the communities of Pasir Ris, Kallang/Geylang, Bukit Panjang, Punggol, and Tampines. Experience the vibrant performances – from dikir barat showcases to short dance films – with your family and friends as you connect with the stories and places together.

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Screening schedule:

Jelajah Bersama Kelana
by Kelana Purba

Ep 1: Available from 14 Nov (11am)
Ep 2: Available from 14 Nov (2pm)
Ep 3: Available from 14 Nov (6pm)
Explore what makes Geylang Serai so special with original dikir barat compositions inspired by the neighbourhood.
Hosted by Samad the puppet, enjoy this vibrant 3-part series Jelajah Bersama Kelana, or "Explore With Kelana".
Join energetic youths and seniors from the beloved dikir barat group Kelana Purba (@kelanapurba9590) and move along to the vibrant percussion, poetry, vocal harmonies and more.
This performance was first featured in AYN Nov 2020 (Kallang/Geylang).

A Collection Of Things: Bukit Panjang
By Issy X Cher
Available from 16 Nov (8pm)
How much of Bukit Panjang’s rich history do you really know? Take a trip down memory lane with Issy x Cher (@issyxcher) and Beng Chye as he shares the many treasures – from memories to objects – that his father Uncle Teong collected through the years as a karung guni man. In this ode to the neighbourhood’s strong community spirit, discover how he creates new memories with the audience.
This performance was first featured in AYN Mar 2020 (Bukit Panjang).

Dendang Warisan - Pasir Ris
By Gendang Akustika Ensemble
Available from 17 Nov (8pm)
Looking for something to watch that everyone – from children to grandparents – can connect with? Don’t miss Dendang Warisan (Songs of Heritage) by Gendang Akustika Ensemble (@gendangakustika)!
Watch performances of traditional Malay songs, featuring a new composition created with students from Pasir Ris. Listen to nostalgic stories from the kampung and sing along to familiar tunes like ‘Dayung Sampan’ and ‘Tian Mi Mi’. A perk of enjoying this from home? Sing as much as you want together!
This performance was first featured in AYN Mar 2021 (Pasir Ris).

The Voices, The Stories & The Reminiscence
Available from 18 Nov (8pm)
Journey through Pasir Ris with this performance by award-winning Indo-Asean Contemporary ensemble Brahmastra (@Bramastrasg)!
Immerse yourself in original compositions anchored in traditional Indian music, with elements of jazz. Connect with music that retells kampung stories, takes you to the Pasir Ris’ shoreline, and through the neighbourhood’s evolution with time.
This performance was first featured in AYN Mar 2021 (Pasir Ris)

From A to Z: The Adventures of Sol & Friends
By Sweet Tooth
Available from 19 Nov (8pm)
When Sol’s best friend gets blown away in a giant storm, she goes on an exciting adventure to look for them. Meet her 3 new friends created by Sweet Tooth (@hellofromsweettooth) –– and friends from the community. Join them and help her on her quest in this family-friendly theatrical performance!
This performance was first featured in AYN Nov 2020 (Kallang/Geylang).

District 14: 7 Kali Bah
By P7:1SMA
Available from 22 Nov (8pm)
Experience Geylang Serai through the eyes of its community, young and old. In this series of dance films and digital works inspired by collected stories, District 14: 7 Kali Bah takes on a ritualistic embodiment of memories and movements. Through seven rounds or silih berganti (“taking turns” in Malay), discover writing, photography, and more created through artist-led workshops that, in turn, influenced contemporary dance films by P7:1SMA (@p71sma). Read more about it here:
This performance was first featured in AYN Nov 2020 (Kallang/Geylang).

Kembara Kelana
By Kelana Purba
Available from 23 Nov (8pm)
Bask in percussive beats and original songs with this dikir barat showcase by Kelana Purba (@kelanapurba9590). A perk of watching this performance from home? Dance and move like no one is watching to the songs inspired by the history, nature, and residents of Bukit Panjang!
This performance was first featured in AYN Mar 2020 (Bukit Panjang).

Birds' Serenade at Pasir Ris
By Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra
Available from 24 Nov (8pm)
How can music transport you to the sandy shores of Pasir Ris? Find out with orchestral performances by Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra (@AsianCulturalSymphonyOrchestra). Look forward to conductor Edmund Song’s symphonic take on Chinese maestro Peng Xiu Wen's 'A Night At Pasir Ris', original songs by composer Ting-Ting Yang that drew inspiration from award-winning Li Ning Qiang's poems and photographs of Pasir Ris, and more!
This performance was first featured in AYN Mar 2021 (Pasir Ris).

7 Wonders Of Punggol
By Brahmastra
Available from 25 Nov (8pm)
If you took a trip to Coney Island, or live within walking distance of Lorong Halus Wetland Reserve – you’ll know how Punggol can seem like a calm oasis in urban Singapore. Experience the neighbourhood’s beauty through musical performances by Brahmastra (@brahmastrasg). Replay the music, poetry, and puppetry inspired by 7 of Punggol’s most iconic spots.
This performance was first featured in AYN Nov 2019 (Punggol).